Leinolat Group

Leinolat Oy is a family company that values hard work, responsibility, and respect. Leinolat Group has grown to be a group of 6 companies that offers a wide range of service entities in the field of metal. The companies in Leinolat Group have vast experience and strong professional know-how in air conditioning solutions, machining, insulation products, and other products and services in the field of metal.

Leinolat Group operates in demanding international industries such as power, marine, nuclear, and oil and gas industries. We are also involved in demanding industrial projects. Around 60% of production is destined for export markets with the Leinolat Group exporting to all continents.

Products and services for specific industries:

» Power
» Marine
» Nuclear
» Oil and Gas
» Industrial Projects


Uwira Oy is specialized in welded products, such as pressure vessels and pipes, but also in project management.

Leimec Oy offers complete air handling units and high quality sheet metal products.

Kilkanen Oy is a competitive and efficient partner in machining and flywheel production. Kilkanen can also offer demaning machining entities. Kilkanen Oy is a subsidiary of Uwira Oy.

T-Drill Oy is a manufacturer of high-tech tube and pipe fabrication machinery. The product portfolio consists of a wide variety of machine tools that are used in many different industries.

Adiabatix Oy is a company specialized in insulation that offers high quality and durable insulation products.

Bobicompany is a company marketing high quality, finnish designed mail boxes world wide.

Leinolat Group is the parent company in the group and takes care of the groups finances, marketing, communications, IT, and quality.

“Kilkanen impressed us with their competence and willingness to commit to a long-term and extremely demanding development project”

says ABB project manager Kim Missing. Kilkanen produced high demanding solution for Sub Sea conditions.

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