Customers Benefit from T-DRILL Industries Inc.’s Local Service and Strategically Built Partnerships

Jarno-2 Jarno Syrenius

T-DRILL has operated in the US for almost 40 years. Their area of business across the pond covers the USA, Canada and parts of Central and South America. T-DRILL Industries Inc. provides their customers sales and maintenance services.

— We recently expanded our machine and spare part inventory to better serve our customers even during the prevailing component shortage. This way we can meet the needs of customers even under time pressure, says President of T-DRILL Industries Inc., Jarno Syrenius.

More Complex Automation Cell Projects in the Future

T-DRILL made the strategic move of expanding to North America in the beginning of the 80's. The operations began in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Soon T-DRILL Inc. moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to be closer to the world's busiest and most versatile airports. Syrenius believes that being next to a large logistic hub is a key factor in succeeding in serving customers.

— Having a US office is an undisputable advantage for our customers in itself. They receive sales and maintenance services from our local staff close by. They do not have to order, for example, spare parts all the way from Finland.

Syrenius points out that customers also benefit from T-DRILL's local network. For example, the recent strategic partnership with Wauseon Machine and Manufacturing enables T-DRILL to take on more complex projects involving automated production cells.

— We build the machines, Wauseon performs the on-site integration. Together we can provide our customers with turnkey automation cells.

T-DRILL Develops Solutions for the Challenges in Your Field

The Finnish T-DRILL has managed to create a solid market in the US for almost 40 years. Syrenius believes that the secret to their success lies in their products.

— Our products are simply exceptional. They have one-of-a-kind technology and a considerably short payback time. The quality truly speaks for itself among customers.

T-DRILL machines and solutions are also being constantly developed. T-DRILL wants to stay ahead of the game and is aware of changes happening in their customers' fields.

— For example, new environmental standards have been created for the HVAC field. The traditional refrigerants are being replaced with CO2. This change creates many challenges for our customers, but we already have a solution and plan on introducing a new machine at the next AHR-EXPO. 

Contact T-DRILL USA:

T-DRILL Industries Inc.

1740 Corporate Drive, 820,
Norcross, GA 30093, USA

Tel. 770-925-0520
Toll free phone 1-800-554-2730
Fax 770-925-3912
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