Profession of a Machinist is an Investment for Your Future in Vaasa

rsz_19s7a4616 CNC-machinist Pasi Tusa working in Kilkanen factory.

Vaasa has become a center of energy sector businesses with high demand of machined parts. The profession of a machinist offers a great basis for a long and diverse career in the Vaasa region. Kilkanen (part of Leinolat Group) is a partner in the ecosystem built around Wärtsilä's Smart Technology Hub in Vaskiluoto. Kilkanen's new factory has been up and running in Vaskiluoto from October 2021.

Pasi Tusa, who works as a CNC-machinist in Kilkanen has been very pleased with his career choice. Though, the profession of a machinist chose him. Before starting a career as a CNC-machinist, Pasi graduated as a carpenter. After graduating fate intervened and coincidentally, he became a machinist in the age of 19.

– My mother had just told me: "Nobody will come home and bring you to work". But that did happen! A buddy of mine called me and asked me to come to work in his metal workshop. I started my career as a press brake operator but after a while I got to substitute a machinist. This was a turning point on my career.

With the help of his new colleagues, the former carpenter could start his new career as a machinist.

– I studied and got the needed degree in adult education, which was a flexible choice and made studying possible for me. I did not have any free time problems during my studies, because it kept me busy in the evenings after my regular workdays and Saturdays, Pasi remembers.

Kilkanen is a Secure Workplace

After working as a CNC-machinist for a couple of years, Pasi got to work at Kilkanen.

– I picked up the phone and called Kilkanen and asked if they had any open vacancies. At that time, they did not have, but after couple of months they gave me a call back and asked me to come and work. We have had a lot of work from the start of my employment – even during the economic depression of 2008 we had plenty of work to do.

There have not been any layoffs in Kilkanen during the pandemic and the work has been focused on getting all the orders delivered on time.

– COVID-19 caused some uncertainties in the start because the situation was new to everybody. But in Kilkanen we've had a good work situation during the pandemic, Pasi adds.

Hard-working and Precise Workers are Always Needed

In Kilkanen, there is always a need for good workers. To apply for a job here, you do not need to be a fully educated professional.

– Even if you are an experienced machinist, for example, some of the prototypes ordered by our customers will challenge you and offer new aspects to the profession. This makes this job even more interesting.

– In Kilkanen, you will have a chance to learn more and grow if you know the basics. The education will offer you the needed skills to get started, but by working you will learn more. Machinist is a precise job, and of course you need to be able to read drawings in this line of work, Pasi continues.

Nowadays the milling and drilling machines, grinders, and lathes in a machine shop are very safe to use, and they are also well protected. The image of a grease covered metal worker is totally outdated.

– This is clean work done indoors together with great colleagues, Pasi ends.

Kilkanen Oy is part of the Leinolat Group, and the other companies of the group are Leimec, Uwira and T-Drill. Together these companies can offer demanding and broad services in the metal industry. 

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