Seizing Opportunities Leads to Success – Leinolat Group Supports Employees’ Career Development

9S7A8326 Mikko Tekoniemi in T-DRILL's headquarter in Laihia.

Mikko Tekoniemi has gained experience working in two of the Leinolat Group companies. He started his career at the Uwira shop floor, bending metal pipes and now he works as an Export Manager at T-DRILL.

– I started my career with the Leinolat Group in 2011. My friend, who worked at Uwira, encouraged me to contact them because he knew I was looking for a job. I am a welder, but I ended up operating bending machines at Uwira. I did that for three years and as after some re-organization, I was offered the possibility to attend education to become a foreman.

In the beginning, Mikko worked as a foreman alongside his job as a bender, but eventually he moved from the factory shop floor to the supervisor's office.

– I studied while working full-time. After working as a foreman for some time, I started to make customer offers and cost follow-up as I had extensive knowledge of the manufacturing processes.

Today Mikko is a third-year student of International Business in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Both Leinolat Group companies have supported him in his education, and he got the subject of his thesis from T-DRILL.

Leinolat Group Companies Offer Great Vantage Points to Different Businesses

Mikko describes the atmosphere between the companies as direct and open. The companies collaborate and map out their mutual business possibilities together.

– Working at Leinolat Group is a great opportunity to explore different opportunities in different businesses. At Leimec, Kilkanen and Uwira there is a chance to be a part of the energy cluster as the companies are subcontractors for large international energy businesses. At T-DRILL, you can also work with international trade and direct export, Mikko says.

Around 85% of Leinolat Group products are exported to customers operating in every continent on the planet.

– In my current position I am responsible for responding to requests for proposals, sales offers and sales development. My sales areas are in Africa, South America, the Baltic countries, Poland, Austria, and Finland.

In other words, Mikko has the chance to deal with customers from both Tampere and Rio de Janeiro during the same workday.

Mikko's Tips for People Who Want to Take Charge of Their Career Path

– You should embrace new opportunities and, at the same time, take care of your current tasks as well as you can. At Uwira it was easy to move to a new position because my colleagues and the management were always happy to provide help and support. The same supportive spirit is also at T-DRILL, my new and current workplace, Mikko ends.

Leinolat Group encourages their employees to develop further by, for example, offering them advanced and suitable training. Mikko is very pleased with the opportunities and the support which the group has provided him over the years.

Uwira Oy and T-DRILL are part of the Leinolat Group, and the other companies of the group are Leimec and Kilkanen. Together these companies offer demanding and broad services in the metal industry. 

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