Uwira Makes Pipes from Small to Large and from Simple to Complex Solutions

9S7A4743 Production Manager Janne Havinen in Uwira's factory.

Established in 1993, the Vaasa-based metal industry company Uwira is specialized in manufacturing prefabricated pipes, pipe components, pipe modules, and pressure vessels. Uwira's customers are active in different industry segments where reprocessed pipes are required. Gas, fuel, and lubricants as well as water and air are the main substances which run in pipes manufactured by Uwira.

– We manufacture the pipes according to the specific needs of our customers. We discuss the development and customization of the pipes with our customers. We can acquire a specific pipe bending tools if this is required to manufacture the customer orders. This way we can serve our customers efficiently and with high quality, Janne Havinen, Uwira's Production Manager explains.

Professional Workforce and an Extensive Range of Machines Enable Manufacturing Demanding Projects

Uwira is well equipped for bending all kind of pipes. The extensive range of machines includes six machines for bending. Three of these machines are for smaller pipes, two are for medium size pipes and one can handle large pipes. These bending machines can handle pipes diameters varying from 6 millimeters to 219 millimeters. If the pipes must be welded, Uwira's 30 certified and professional welders will perform that work in the same factory.The diameter of the welded pipes can be over 400 millimeters.

– Our pipe manufacturing capability is wide, and the customer can get all the different pipes they need from us. The customer will save time and effort because they can get all the pipes they need from Uwira, Havinen says.

In Uwira, they are very proud of their dimensional accuracy and the quality of the products which is monitored throughout the manufacturing process.

– The dimensional accuracy of the pipe components is ensured with jigs. For the measurement and manufacturing and bending accuracy of the pipes we have machine vision camera and a 3D measuring arm. With these tools the measurements and the quality of the pipes can be checked and corrected, if required, utilizing 3D models, Havinen states.

Group's Companies Collaborate

Both Uwira and T-DRILL are part of Leinolat Group. In the manufacturing processes, Uwira uses three machines designed and manufactured by T-DRILL. Two of these machines are used to make a so-called T-DRILL collaring on the pipes and one machine is used to make a flange on the pipes. The flange is always at the exact position on the pipe, which makes installation process faster.

– We cooperate with the other companies of the group, and we utilize the collaring and flanging of the pipes whenever it is feasibly, Havinen ends.

Uwira Oy is part of the Leinolat Group, and the other companies of the group are Kilkanen, Uwira and T-DRILL. Together these companies offer demanding and broad services in the metal industry. 

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