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We are specialized in executing comprehensive ventilation solutions for gas and multi-fuel power plants, which produce both electricity and thermal energy.

We provide the power plants with overall solutions and products, such as air handling units, units for the treatment of the charge air and exhaust gases of engines.

The power plants of our customers are usually built in locations with extreme weather conditions: in the tropics, deserts, sub-zero weather, or exposed to salty sea air.

Based on our thirty-years of experience we, can consider all the technical requirements necessary in these extreme conditions. Our air handling solutions are developed based on experience and knowledge of the operations of the power plants the challenges related to the ambient conditions.

Our solutions are also easy to install and they have optimized life-cycle costs. 

In addition, we are a contractual manufacturer of sheet metal products, to customers who provides us with detailed product specifications.

Our customers are companies, who handle the design, manage their brand and product marketing, when we handle the manufacturing and logistics.

Leimec in brief

  •  Designs and manufactures comprehensive ventilation solutions for power plants
  •  Our customers are major international energy companies
  •  We are also contractual manufacturer of the Bobi mailboxes
  •  Leimec in the current form was founded in 2010
  •  Located in Vaasa