”Manufacturer of pipes, modular pipes and pressure vessels”

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We are probably one of the most experienced manufacturers of precision prefabricated pipe components, double walled pipes, and pressure vessels.

Manufacturing pipes for extremely demanding and high-risk environments has established Uwira as a leading supplier of superior quality prefabricated modular pipeline solutions.

Our customers are global machine and equipment manufacturers, companies in the shipbuilding, energy production, oil, gas, and process industry.

Pipelines and modular pipeline solutions are used in applications where confidence in the quality, tightness, welding seams, cleanliness, appropriate materials, and pressure containment of our products is of utmost importance. Our products are designed for various substances such as gases, fuels, lubricants, water, and air.

After years of development, our manufacturing process yields reliable, accurate products in conformity with requirements for our global customers.

Our task is to understand and prepare for future environmental demands and requirements for our components and modules. Over the past years we have grown into a role where we begin working closely with customers early in their design stage.

We are proud of our ability to help customers execute cost efficient economically productive solutions.

Uwira in brief

  • Founded in 1993
  • Manufacturer of pipes, modular pipes, and pressure vessels
  • Provides services to equipment and machine building, energy, shipbuilding, oil, gas, and renewable energy companies.
  • Customers include global industrial companies
  • Located in Vaasa

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Ecovadis silver medal


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