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Airhandling units

We manufacture air handling units for gas and multi-fuel power plants, which produce both electricity and thermal energy. These plants can be located in places with very different weather conditions, from hot and humid climates to extremely cold weather.

The units are designed to meet these ambient conditions and the needs and requirements of the customers. Based on the experience of several decades, we are capable to consider factors that affect the operations and the durability of our airhandling solutions. Our air handling units fulfil all the filtration category requirements.

The basic factors impacting the design are the size and location of the power plant (ambient conditions ie. air quality and elevation).

The ambient conditions of the power plant site have a significant impact on design and technical features of the air handling units.

In windy, sandy, snowy or dusty environments it is usually required to install an isolation module, which prevents sand/dust/snow from entering the filtration unit.

Power plants located near populated areas require efficient noise reduction. The units can also be supplied with optional hot air circulation. In cold conditions, the units are equipped with a preheating system.

Our ventilation units are always delivered with ready electrification in accordance with the regulations of the specific country this to ensure smooth installation and commissioning at site. The units are also designed  to optimize the packaging and container transportation.

Maintenance cost and intervals are an important part of the life-cycle costs. Our products are designed so that maintenance is easy and safe. The required spare parts can be kept at site or delivered with short delivery times from the factory.

Our products are painted in the colors and with the corrosion classification specified by each customer.

We always also deliver the technical documentation, including installation, operating and maintenance instructions.