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From individual components to comprehensive solutions

We are one of the most experienced manufacturers of pipeline components and prefabricated parts in our industry. Along the years we have developed into a first-rate supplier of pipeline assemblies and modular solutions. We are constantly thinking, which assemblies or modular solutions would be most efficient in the customer's project. With our experience in building complex full units from modules, we can provide you with solutions which save you several weeks of work at the installation site.

Manufacturing pipes in conformity with specifications, requirements, and cleanliness standards is the backbone of our business

We have developed manufacturing pipe components in-to a state-of-the-art operation.
Our production management is highly efficient and we are a  top performer in pipe component manufacturing techniques. Thanks to our 3D measuring equipment, we have been able to minimize the duration of inspection. As a result, we can also produce small batches flexibly and for a competitive price. Management of changes, traceability, and documentation are integrated in our process and we are able to provide our customers with detailed records and documentation.  Above all, the process yields components and modular assemblies with consistent quality, in line with dimensional requirements and cleanliness standards in a controlled manner and in accordance with customer's requirements.

Quality and functional solutions result from daily work and commitment

Our corporate culture is based on the Uwira way of thinking. Here the employees are encouraged to develop and improve themselves, each in their own role. For this goal, we also need people who have a different way of thinking and acting. Through the continuous improvement of our management system, the initiatives taken by our staff, continuous training to improve the competence levels, we ensure quality - which is evident in our long customer relationships. Each one of our employees, from management to production, understands and follows quality and product conformity requirements. The Uwira Way: daily activities for better and smarter solutions – adds competitiveness to our customers.

In the midst of an energy cluster - surrounded by highly skilled experts

Vaasa is a small town, but the companies in the area are world-class operators in the energy sector. A large hub has emerged in the city and its neighbourhoods, where companies have specialized in the production technologies of its own field. The companies are engaged in close collaboration, with each focusing on its core knowhow. Each company invests in the newest technology and skills within its niche. The different companies in the energy cluster can together ensure top quality production throughout a wide range of energy related products. The energy cluster also fosters green values: environmental footprints can be substantially reduced for example from reduced needs for transportation and packaging.

Uwira is part of Leinolat Group, whose subsidiaries are vital parts of this network. Uwira’s manufacturing processes utilize the expertise of the Group as well as external competence found in the surrounding energy cluster.

From an Apprentice into a Master

The roots of Uwira are from the pipe production in Wärtsilä; these operations were outsourced to Uwira in 2001. We started small, but were able to operate according to the quality, safety, and delivery requirements of a global operator from the very beginning. Over the years we have invested in the skills of our employees - this means both the technical skills as well as a mind-set to think like the customer, and to anticipate future changes. We have grown into a role, where we work closely with our customers on a daily basis. Our mutual goal is to find solutions that positively affect productivity and cost levels. This makes Uwira a partner who sits on the same side of the table with the customer - looking after customer's interests.