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Our planning proceeds from the principle of finding solutions, which provide the customer with a functional complete solution with the best cost-efficiency possible. This means optimization of pipe manufacturing, installation work and operating costs.

We start in the designing stage by focusing on the needs and input data of the customer, make the drawings, a 3D model and print out the 3D version, if needed.

After manufacturing and assembly, the functioning of the unit is tested for customer's requirements. We can also participate in the installation, if needed.

In designing and execution, our extensive knowledge of customer's processes is combined with our manufacturing skills. In the design we take into account the environment with its special conditions: simple structure, minor pressure losses and sufficient structural rigidity to prevent harmful vibration.

We also take into account the ease of transportation and installation - the module is complete with all the instruments, wiring and connections, making its installation easy and quick. Optimized design often also means that it is smaller in size, contributing to savings in space and logistics.

In the designing stage we also take into account ease of maintenance: correct choice of components, ease and speed of maintenance reduce life-cycle costs.

Our solutions help the customer save several workdays during the installation stage. The lead time of the entire delivery also becomes shorter, if the chain does not involve numerous parties and the project is managed only by one supplier.

Get in touch and ask for details! Our experts with their extensive experience from designing project to various processes of energy technology are at your service.