Bobi.com Oy and Oy Leinolat Ab Strengthen a Long-Term Partnership when Leinolat Bought Bobi.com

Bobi.com Oy and Oy Leinolat Ab Strengthen a Long-Term Partnership when Leinolat Bought Bobi.com

Oy Leinolat Ab have manufactured Bobi mailboxes for over 30 years. Now they have become the majority shareholder of Bobi.com. Oy Leinolat Ab will continue to develop the strong Bobi brand which has been established by the founders.

Collaboration With the Local Companies Works Beautifully

Bobi mailboxes are manufactured in Vaasa, hence a local product which is exported around Europe and all the way to Japan. According to Lasse Lehtimäki, who continues as a Managing Director of Bobi.com, locality is a great pride for Bobi. This transaction is a win-win because Bobi's new home is with a long-term manufacturer and partner.

– Oy Leinolat Ab has been our main partner manufacturing Bobi's from 1991, when our journey started, and minority shareholder for decades. We trust that this transaction guarantees the best prospects for Bobi to be successful now and in the future too.

With Vaasa-based partners the Bobi design processes, manufacturing and logistics have worked like a charm for decades and Lehtimäki is convinced that the collaborations will continue to work as beautifully also in the future.

Lars-Erik Schöring, the CEO of Oy Leinolat Ab, states that the acquisition of Bobi.com is fully line with the strategy of the Leinolat Group.

– Bobi.com will with its strong brand and a substantial part of the sales as export further strengthen and diversify the product portofolio of Leinolat Group.

Leimec – The Expert in Bobi Manufacturing

Leimec, a Leinolat Group company, is responsible for the manufacturing of the Bobi's. The service Leimec offers is extensive, it covers everything from handling the orders, manufacturing, and dispatching the mailboxes.

– When we need new or extended services, Leimec has always been ready to help and develop their operations to find cost efficient solutions. For example, logistics and dispatch of products to customers around the globe was not a part of the Leimec scope in the early days of the collaboration, but when the need came up, Leimec also accepted this challenge. This well proven flexibility and way of working is an excellent foundation for the future development of Bobi brand, Lehtimäki states.

Durability and overall sustainability are important for the Bobi brand. The mailboxes are made of steel, and they last for decades. After their lifespan has come to an end, the material can be recycled. The high-end quality of the product is obvious for Leimec. The material and the finetuned manufacturing processes guarantee the longevity of the Bobi products.

Back in the 90s we made a deal with Unto Leinola (the founder of Leinolat). Unto promised that Leinolat would produce every mailbox sold by us and this promise has been kept for the last 30 years and now this promise has been refined as an ownership. As they say in the film industry, this will be a great sequel for the companionship between Leinolat and Bobi.com, Lehtimäki ends. 

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