Uwira has decades of experience in manufacturing equipment under the Pressure Equipment Directive for demanding industrial sectors

Uwira's pressure vessel

Uwira manufactures piping and pressure vessels under the Pressure Equipment Directive. They are designed to withstand high pressures, dangerous substances, and demanding conditions. Uwira's products include pipes and piping modules, double walled pipes, natural gas tanks, starting air tanks, water tanks, as well as pressure vessels and blowdown tank.

"We can meet our customers' requirements by manufacturing pipes, piping modules, and pressure vessels that are tailored to their specific needs. Thanks to our extensive manufacturing experience, our prices are also very competitive," says Uwira's Director of Development, Thomas Hägglund

Uwira's certified compressed air equipment meet safety requirements

The manufacture of compressed air equipment is strictly regulated by various certifications and directives. Uwira's pressure vessels have received certifications such as PED 2014/68/EU, DNV, RINA, BV, and LR. PED 2014/68/EU is a European certification for pressure equipment, and the manufacturer must comply with essential safety requirements. These safety requirements include design, manufacturing, and final evaluation.

"At Uwira, pressure vessel testing is always carried out by accredited third-party institutions. Due to continuous deliveries, the accuracy and tolerances remain precise during the manufacturing process," says Quality Manager Ilkka Karjalainen.

Directives and legislation vary across different continents, requiring companies to be prepared to monitor and follow changes to the regulations. These certifications and directives also regulate the skill requirements of personnel. 

Uwira has delivered over 3,000 pressure vessels

Uwira's pressure vessels range from 125 liters to 5,500 liters in PED tanks and up to 10,000 liters in other tanks. Input connections are normally DN 20 and output connections are DN 50 or as specified by the customer. The operating pressure can be up to 44 bar, and the design temperature rating varies between -50 ─ +100 C˚.

"Uwira also manufactures double-walled pipes that meet the requirements of the customers and can withstand pressures of up to 1,500 bar. Double-walled pipes are made of materials such as steel, stainless steel, Duplex, and Super-Duplex Stainless Steel," Hägglund specifies.

Uwira's products are classified into pressure equipment categories I-IV. The category is determined based on risk (pressure), volume or nominal size, contents (liquid), and state (liquid or gas). Based on this certification, Uwira provides its customers with various documentation, such as instructions for safe installation, operation, and maintenance.

"Over the years, we have delivered over 3,000 pressure vessels. With our specialization, we have achieved the desired level of quality in pressure vessel manufacturing. In use, our pressure vessels last for decades," says Hägglund. 

Uwira pressure vessels and pipelines are suitable for renewable fuels

Uwira also has decades of experience in producing pipeline modules. Uwira's modular solutions can be manufactured with double-walled pipes for safe transfer of hazardous substances.

"Methanol is currently of great interest as a fuel in the marine industry. As early as in 2015, Uwira was already involved in delivering modular solutions made of double-walled pipes to M/S Stena Germanica, which uses methanol as fuel."

This delivery was a success – the technology proved reliable and can withstand years of use. Uwira can play an important role in the green transition by supplying pipes, modules, and pressure vessels for new, more environmentally friendly fuels.

Hägglund also wants to highlight companies' responsibility and opportunity to influence sustainability by optimizing their manufacturing:

"By optimizing material consumption and manufacturing methods, we improve our competitiveness and can achieve significant sustainability gains through ripple effects. Companies of all sizes have a significant opportunity to influence the sustainability of the entire metal industry."

Uwira is part of the Leinolat Group. Oher companies in the Leinolat Group are Bobi.com, Leimec, Kilkanen, and T-DRILL. Together, these companies offer a highly demanding and extensive selection of services for the metal industry. 

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