Vaasa-based Leimec manufactures Bobi mailboxes – collaboration with Bobi has already lasted for 30 years

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Leimec Oy and Bobi.com have collaborated on the design and production of the Bobi mailboxes for over 30 years. Leimec Oy contract manufactures the mailboxes and Bobi.com can focus on sales and marketing of the product, among other things.

– In the early 90s' we made a deal with Unto Leinola, the founder of Leinolat. Unto promised that Leinolat would produce every mailbox ordered from us and this promise has been kept for the last 30 years, Lasse Lehtimäki, the CEO of Bobi.com says with a smile.

During the 30 year long collaboration there have been many changes: Leimec was founded, and Bobi Oy became Bobi.com, and the functionality of the mailboxes have been improved. Open communication and teamwork have made the collaboration even stronger during the decades. The contract manufacturing Leimec offers to the Bobi.com covers everything from handling the orders, manufacturing the products, packing, and dispatching the mailboxes to the customers.

– Over the years we have developed the manufacturing processes of Bobi in the factory, and our motivated personnel is now experts in manufacturing mailboxes.Our machines and Yaskawa (robot) can do everything from bending the metal and manufacturing sheet metal, but only with our dedicated personnel we can improve our productivity, Jyrki Fiskars, Product Manager of Leimec Oy says.

Bobi mailboxes are a local product for the global market

Bobi mailboxes are manufactured in Vaasa, hence they are a local product which is exported around Europe and all the way to Japan. Lehtimäki from Bobi says that the fact that the mailboxes are manufactured locally is a great source of pride for Bobi.com. With all the business partners in Vaasa, the design, production, and transportation of mailboxes works like a charm.

Durability and overall sustainability are also important for the Bobi brand. The mailboxes are made of steel, and they last for decades. After their lifespan has come to an end, the material can be recycled.

– It goes without saying that the high quality of the products is important to us. Our fine tuned manufacturing processes are the best way to ensure the quality and durability of the Bobi products, Fiskars says.

What is the secret for the long-lasting collaboration?

– Always when we have needed new or extended services, Leimec has been ready to help and develop their operations to find a solution so we could expand our collaboration. For example, dispatching the products to customers around the globe was not obvious in the early days of the collaboration, but Leinolat did also accept this challenge when the need came up, Lehtimäki states.

– For example, we have been involved in the development of the products and we have been able to employ people in Vaasa, as the entire manufacturing of the mailboxes is done locally. We have delivered on the promise by Unto by doing our best in the manufacturing of the mailboxes, Fiskars ends.

Leimec Oy is part of the Leinolat Group, and the other companies of the group are Kilkanen, Uwira and T-Drill. Together these companies can offer demanding and broad services in the metal industry.

Bobi mailboxes turned 30 on 1.11.2021.

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